Tiger TAG Carrera Chronograph CALIBRE HEUER 01

2015, Tiger TAG Heuer changed after the old Beaver when ‘interim’ CEO, is the first heavyweight CALIBRE HEUER 01 Carrera chronograph, built new CALIBRE HEUER 01 chronograph movement, this watch embodies a new Beaver old philosophy of TAG Heuer: differentiation, younger, modular. Basel Watch Fair first time I saw CALIBRE HEUER 01 Chronograph, I can not help looking at the front hollow dial music, is not that marked TAG Heuer logo Hublot ‘BIG BANG’ Well, really like the taste of leadership is everything Ah, this year’s Wan Baolong is the same as the new CEO of the new old club — typical product family style. TAG Heuer, a senior table fans might complain about this new face plate design lost the old Carrera series of classic taste, but this is more effective than the Buddha wanted! TAG Heuer movement before there are two lines, one is purchased ETA / Sellita movement, one is self-produced movement such as 1887, you will often find two look alike TAG Heuer, a movement but only ETA movement, the other is 1887 movement. Old Beaver ordered: Enough, stop here, grown movement watches must be able to distinguish one, reflecting the difference, otherwise why should consumers spend more of it is self-produced movement. This is why CALIBRE HEUER 01 chronograph look quite different from the classic Carrera watches. In the era of change, the new generation of 90 very different concept of consumer spending, they cool the pursuit of novelty products, too busy to bother grandparents what celebrity stories, a few people will be concerned about the brilliant story of Steve McQueen in the 1960s it? For them, Tan Yonglin 80 years belong to the classic t-general of antiques. CALIBRE HEUER 01 chronograph reference Hublot BIG BANG style hollow face plate is turned odd cool style, old man, if you want your retro Niyitegeka Laila, go to the right, the brand also offers Calibre 18 timed speed engraved instrument watches , the price Well, a little bit high, the pursuit of some classic is always a price, right? While this is the biggest feature of the new modular design titanium / steel casing, which is already used in the Japanese brand production process, to now take the Swiss brand canon; the entire case member 12 is divided into: the lugs (4), Lan Baoshi crystal and a gasket between the upper and lower middle case, bezel, back, the crown and the base, the button, middle and bezel; First see little change, but the original is integrally formed with the case (including the table ear) to be individually lifted out lugs, is actually not so simple: the original method of cutting CNC machining case first, the original polyhedral profile lugs attached to the middle shell, and then cutting only CNC milling lugs out of shape, consumption when laborious; now canceled lugs in the housing, and replaced with a strap fixed lugs integrally case in a final section, the end section of the band due to the effect of the hand regardless of the paste, it is a simple flat square shape, this is the case, the original and most complex in the shape of a shell flew more simple, basic is a circle plus two ends of a flat body, good process, you will love casting casting, forging love to forging, molding and sanding polish on OK, cost savings drops significantly. Secondly, the modular connecting means between the respective aperture means a unified standard; such time the button opening in the case, before the side button holes open square, open circular round button, can now be unified into a standard round hole, Replica Tag Heuer Watches square buttons as long as the bottom of the circular on the line, and high productivity is not a lot?  Screws directly to lugs on the band end section. Such modular design can also bring convenience in design, with a basic models, appearance change as the building blocks Variety multiport. For this table, and the lugs are brushed stainless steel buttons, bezel, the case, the bottom cover is brushed titanium black. Let’s go back and take a closer look While new: Dial: black dial hollow style, or the typical layout of 6-9-12 three chronograph 1887, at 12 o’clock 30 minutes drive time, hour clock disk 6 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, three chronograph hands are associated striking red; rhodium-plated polyhedron hour mark, white fluorescent material intermediate the ends painted red. In fact, the entire date turntable is not printed on the transparent plate, but was laser engraved metal digital ring hollow caused by background, I think the date is not so easy to read. 3 o’clock TAG Heuer Logo suspended on the dial, because it is not printed on the dial, but the printed or engraved on the sapphire crystal glass, the effect is like, that is, whether the rotational position can do large-scale assembly of the future just right? ! CALIBRE HEUER 01 chronograph movement CALIBRE HEUER 01 chronograph movement is the latest evolution of the 1887 version of TAG Heuer chronograph movement, the 1887 movement was launched in 2010, derived from the technology of Seiko 6S37 movement, TAG Heuer licensing technology from restructuring. CALIBRE HEUER 01 chronograph movement is a major change in appearance, in order to increase the beauty, style with the dial, like the re-designed to turn Tuo hollow style, column wheel also painted bright red, timing plywood lines has become a little pretty. There are still 39 drill, 50 hours power reserve.Replica Tag Heuer Pricing even if you have another view on ho Yakalaila CALIBRE HEUER BigBang style 01 chronograph, facing prices have nothing to say, older than Buddha gave this titanium material, hollow face plate, a new self-produced movement card Laila watches priced at 4900 Swiss francs, the mainland retail price of 38,000 yuan. No doubt this is a sharp price, I believe this watch will be able to hit. For more information, please visit www.tagheuer.com