The thinnest three questions in the history of Vacheron Constantin replica watches

If there is a tabulation skills only a few watchmakers can really master, it must be timekeeping device, which is recognized in the watchmaking skills are most difficult to grasp the complex process. For more than 200 years, the watch family Vacheron Constantin has created such a fine masterpiece. Today, Vacheron Constantin launched the Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 slim movement, engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark, once again set a new milestone. This exquisite watch is not only equipped with a complex timekeeping device, while tackling the technical difficulties, to create the current market, the thinnest three asked the movement and the thinnest three asked the watch. Movement thickness of only 3.90 mm, while carrying the movement of the watch thickness of only 8.09 mm, the two will be superb watchmaking art to the extreme.

Vacheron Constantin is not only built on the history of heritage, but also to the world’s top watches and clocks to write a veritable, enduring hymn. In 1810, Vacheron Constantin created the first three pieces of pocket reiplica  watch. Over the next few decades, Vacheron Constantin tirelessly into the complex function of the device, each time to successfully create the most exquisite watch works. Such as 1929 for the king of Egypt King Fouad and 1935 for his son King Farouk custom watch, noble and elegant, immortal. In 1941, Vacheron Constantin launched the first single complex function watch, with three asked the shape of the design equipped with 4261 movement. Since then, Vacheron Constantin continue to pursue the ultimate slim watchmaking, and in 1992 once again beyond the limit, to create a 1755 movement, the thickness of only 3.28 mm three strokes of the movement, the superb watchmaking skills to an unprecedented peak. Today, in order to show the legendary craftsmanship of this tribute watchmaker, Vacheron Constantin from the previous classic works to draw inspiration, launched a new 1731 movement to commemorate the founder of the brand Jean-Marc Vacheron’s birth year.

Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement embodies the watchmaker for the pursuit of the best sound quality of the effort invested by the effort, because the sound quality is the key to success when the watch. Vacheron Constantin tries to create crisp and sweet music through a variety of craftsmanship. The sound spring is not only connected to the center of the case to amplify the sound, but is stacked for the first time instead of one by one. Case and movement into one, in the design of clever consideration of the mechanical and case between the air flow and other small parameters, so that the sound to achieve the best communication effect. Vacheron Constantin’s pursuit of perfection does not stop there – the case itself does not have any joints, all components interact with each other, the metal bits are accurately docked, thus expanding the amplitude of the sound, while the flight governor ensures that the hammer is at a steady rate Beat the spring.